Psychosomatic causes of sexually transmitted diseases

Psychosomatic causes of sexually transmitted diseases. Syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, trichomoniasis, AIDS

Syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, trichomoniasis, AIDS
Feeling of guilt on sexual grounds and the need for punishment, as well as the belief that the genitals are sinful or unclean, in other words, dislike of one’s genitals is the main reason for the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases. With such a negative and aggressive attitude towards our sexual organs and manifestations of our sexuality, we literally draw all these problems into our lives.

I will even say more, it is the belief in the sinfulness of sex and the punishing God, the sense of shame and the need for sexual punishment in a large number of people that have created all the microorganisms and viruses that currently exist that cause venereal diseases.

Let’s make an excursus into history. Prior to the Renaissance, the church and the Inquisition strictly followed the mores of their flock, the observance of the seventh commandment of God, and did not tolerate sexual debauchery. With the advent of the Renaissance the sexual revolution began. Then there was syphilis. It is believed that this Columbus brought him from the New World. But Columbus has nothing to do with it. Just people, not getting rid of feelings of guilt and self-punishment and not having learned the correct sexual behavior, gave way out to forbidden feelings. The church could no longer restrain, as before, human passions. And then the collective subconscious mind creates a disease that people perceive as punishment for their sins.

But centuries pass. Medicine has learned to suppress syphilis and other venereal diseases with the help of antibiotics. It is to suppress, not treat, because the causes are not eliminated. And the reasons – this is lecherous behavior and a sense of guilt on sexual grounds.

In the sixties of the XX century, another sexual revolution is taking place. It is accompanied by a narcotic boom. But the thoughts and feelings of people in relation to each other and to the world around have changed little. And here the collective subconscious mind creates a new disease-punishment – AIDS. This disease is of a viral origin and no longer suits the medicines of modern medicine. But scientists continue to spend huge money on the creation of a medicine against AIDS. And I am sure that such a medicine will be created. But at what cost? And with what consequences? It will not heal – it will suppress the disease, and together with the illness – the entire body. And then it will lead to even more serious illnesses. But this can not continue indefinitely.

The medicine against any disease was created long ago – it’s purity of thoughts! Only this medicine is concluded not in a pill that people dream of getting from a doctor, but in ourselves.

It is very important to teach a person the right attitude to sex from the very childhood. And this training should not be based on the concepts of sin and mud. It is important to correctly teach yourself to treat yourself, to the opposite sex, to people in general and to the world around you. And the best teachers in this are parents. That is, their relationship to each other and to sex.

In matters of sexual education, I always liked the approach of the ancient Chinese – the Taoists. They considered sexual intercourse to be a part of the general order and harmony in nature and never connected it with a sense of sin or a violation of morality. Their special emotional attitude towards love and sex, together with the total lack of punishment, led to the fact that the sexual life of Ancient China was generally healthy, remarkably free from pathological abnormalities and disorders.

Often parents inspire the child with forbidden thoughts about his sexuality, not suspecting the danger of such prohibitions. And the danger lies in the fact that the sexual forbidden feeling, breaking out, becomes uncontrollable and leads the person to illness or disappointment. Sexual education should be based not on a sense of guilt and punishment, but on the notion of impeccability.

A young girl turned to me for help. She had problems in sexual intercourse with her husband. She could not relax during intercourse. With my help, she established a connection with the subconscious. It turned out that a strong rejection of men appeared after she was tried to rape her several years ago.

The traumatic situation in her past was found. We changed our attitude to it. The girl was able to relax. But I decided to go even further. I was just wondering what had led to the situation with the attempted rape. If we proceed from the fact that we create all the situations in our lives for ourselves, then how did this girl attract rapists into her life?

It turned out that since childhood she has received only negative attitudes towards sex. Besides, she was always afraid that she could be robbed of her innocence. The word is “innocence”. It already hides a sense of guilt.

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